Bully Self-Defense Course

Bully Self Defense

10-Hour/5-week course is $150 Ongoing training is $100 per month if completed 10-hour course $120 per month if did not take 10-hour course 530.392.8369 *Replaces punches with slaps (just as effective for kids)

adult self defense

Self Defense for Adults

Ongoing training is $120 per month 6-hour crash course is $90 with two or more students Self-Defense for Adults is $120 for private training with one student 530.392.8369

self defense for kids

Self-Defense for Kids

Lil Dragons – Self Defense for kids For children 5-8 years of age. Learn to improve their motor skill, strength, and coordination.  Basic non-combative self-defense principles. Wear comfortable relaxed fit clothing.  Mat socks provided. Classes twice per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Classes will be 1 hour in length. The First month purchased includes a […]