For Adults


Level 1 Force – Zero to Slight Injury

  • Control Holds

Level 2 Force – Slight to Minimal Injury

  • Shin kicks to thighs
  • Knee strikes to thighs
  • Foot kicks to shins
  • Slaps to face (no ears)
  • Thumb poke to solar plexus

Level 3 Force – Moderate to Serious Injury

  • Light to moderate strikes (punches, elbows, head-butts, finger pokes, forearms) to:
  • Eyes, ears, nose, temples, throat, neck, torso, knees, feet
  • Knockout punches
  • Joint locks to subdue and/or injure

Level 4 Force – Serious-plus injury – Worst-Case Scenario / Life of Death Situation

  • Above strikes with maximum force
  • Head cranks
  • Hard slams to floor or ground
  • Maximum force joint breaks and manipulations
  • Strikes to temple and base of skull
  • Throat crush

Level 5

  • Gun disarms
  • Unarmed knife defense
  • Fitness – You Need to be Fit to Fight
  • Exercises – Calisthenics (push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, mountain climb, burpees, running in      place, walking)
  • Rope climbing
  • Battle rope
  • Tires – Large tire to drag, flip, hit with sledge hammer
  • Small tires – quick steps like football training, jumping side to side with one leg at a time, jump with both legs at same time

Nutrition – Can’t be Healthy with Bad Diet

  • Foods to add to diet
  • Foods to limit or eliminate from your diet
  • Super foods
  • Explain:  fats, carbs, protein
  • No fad diets
  • (No recipes)
  • Try to exercise portion control
  • Try to burn more calories than you take in each day


  • What is legal self-defense
  • What is legal use of force
  • About citizen’s arrest

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