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Have you thought about the best way to protect your gun? What have you done to learn the basics of weapon retention? These guys don’t run away. They walk. They pack up their stuff and simply walk away. That goes to show you how experienced with violence many criminals are. When it comes to fighting, criminals typically have more experience than your average good guy.

You need to know how to defend your gun, keep control of it, and fight through the attack to ensure that your gun is not taken and used against you.

Gun Disarming Techniques

Gun disarm techniques are often a heated topic among martial artists and self-defense practitioners. Opinions vary based on styles, experiences, and training backgrounds. But one thing everyone can agree on is the seriousness of the subject. And because of the seriousness of gun disarms, it should be obvious that we can’t offer the be-all and end-all of techniques.  We can, however, provide a few things to consider and several techniques that our Sensei has taught police and sheriff departments around the country.

Clear Yourself From The Line Of Fire

You must make sure that your body is not in the line of fire. You do this by moving your body, moving the direction the firearm is pointing, or both. If possible, try to minimize collateral damage should the gun go off during the disarm.

Control The Weapon

Gain and maintain control of the gun or knife. Remember, a committed bad guy will most likely try to pull the gun free if you grab it. You must secure a grip that allows you to control where the muzzle is pointed and provides a way for you to rip the firearm from the bad guy’s hands.


Learn techniques that allow you to take the firearm from the bad guy without bringing yourself back into a dangerous position. Some weapon defenses, especially if not done absolutely perfectly bring the muzzle pointed back at the person doing the disarm. It is important to remember that sometimes a disarm can be when you knock the bad guy’s head off with a palm heel chin jab or elbow strike to the jaw that renders him unconscious.

Exit Strategy

Once you have disarmed the gunman, you must determine a safe exit. Do you control the bad guy until police arrive or do you escape immediately to safety?  Are there other threats you must contend with? Knowing your state’s laws regarding the use of firearms and self-defense can assist you in making choices that not only save your life, but keep you from legal troubles too.

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