The First Martial Art Created Specifically For


Martial arts were first created to fight oppressors with weapons by those with none.  Martial arts were used to fight in wars.  Martial arts were used to kill the enemy.

The military are tasked with fighting wars and killing the enemy.  That leaves the vast number of civilians alone to protect themselves from the criminals that lurk among us.  As civilians, the line between protecting ourselves from injury or death isn’t as delineated as it is for the military, where they confront the enemy and kill them if they can.  We have laws that dictate what we can and can’t do.

As civilians, we are not guided by military rules of engagement, but we are responsible for protecting ourselves, our loved ones, and innocent people from being harmed by criminals.

What is American Jeetsu (AJ)?

American Jeetsu (AJ) is the first martial art created specifically for self-defense against criminals, not enemy military.  Where military combatants start with lethal force and work backwards, AJ starts with minimum force and words forward.

AJ is based on the fact that most confrontational situations require controlling rather than lethal force. Therefore, AJ is composed of graduating levels of force: 

  • Defense against strikes
  • Control holds based on balance
  • Leverage and joint locks
  • And combative strikes.  

Students of AJ are educated in the legalities of self-defense and legal use of force, similar to what police officers are taught.  AJ students are taught when controlling force is called for and when lethal force is called for.

An AJ student is prepared to win the battle in court after winning the battle on the street.

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