Richard Nance

Rich Nance 

David is an exceptional martial artist, who is constantly striving to improve, even after decades of hardcore training. He understands what works under pressure and is able transfer this knowledge to his students. From understanding how the bad guy thinks, to avoidance and de-escalating tactics, to going “hands on” using an effective and legally defensible […]


Great instructors great dojo! A great class for my child to learn how to protect, discipline herself be respectful and helpful to the others.


I have never done any form of martial arts or self-defense in my life before July 2020, but the Jeetsu instructor and members have quickly welcomed me into their folds! There are classes for different skill levels so both beginners and experienced students can hone their skill here. The instructor is excellent at making sure […]


I feel so much more confident in myself not just in protecting myself but also in overall self-esteem. And I cannot tell you how many times I have gone to a gym after work, stressed and agitated but after attending a Sensei David’s class, that all disappears after a few punches and kicks. Feels amazing!