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Stop and control a bully in seconds, causing no injury, using balance, leverage, and control techniques.

Cyber and emotional bullying is out of control everywhere:  schools, the workplace – everywhere.

Bully Defense Now (BDN) is a program created to deal with bullying at the beginning stages – schools.  Thousands of school-aged children are petrified to go to school and face the bullying that awaits them every day.  Most of them won’t even share their bully problem with their parents.  Once bullying starts, it leaves a child vulnerable to other forms of bullying:  physical, emotional, and cyber.

Bully Defense Now Can Also Be Used for Children

BDN is designed to show children how to defend themselves against physical bullying. Consequently, instilling in them the confidence that carries over and shields them from other forms of bullying.

BDN is also designed to be parent friendly.  The vast majority of parents do not want their child to learn how to fight violence with violence. In addition, they do not want to cause injury to a bully that might require an emergency room visit.  Even if your child was rightfully defending themselves, there’s nothing stopping a bully’s parents from pressing criminal assault charges. In some cases civil litigation can result in incarceration in juvenile hall. In some cases large jury verdicts against the parents of the bully’s victim can cost potentially thousands of dollars.

The Bully Defense Now program is designed to stay within legal self-defense laws. And, it can shield you and your child from criminal or civil liability.

BDN shows a child how to protect themselves without causing injury to a bully.  Bully Defense Now uses balance, leverage and control techniques to protect your child from injury from a bully. This can allow grown-ups in authority time to step in and take control of the situation.

BDN was created from over 50 years of martial arts and law enforcement training experience. We have developed specific techniques to fit the needs of today’s “civilized” American society.

Bully Defense Now is a short-term training program. It usually goes six weeks or so. It is designed to provide the necessary tools for a child to defend themselves.

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