Bully Self Defense
  • 5-week course to become bully-proof (5 weeks, two 1-hour classes per week)
  • Jeetsu self-defense system created specifically for boys and girls from 13 to 17
  • Based on kickboxing*, ju-jitsu and ground fighting
  • No injury-causing techniques like punches, elbow strikes, chokes or groin strikes
  • Ongoing training available to further increase skills
  • All training done on padded mats using appropriate protective gear
  • Instructor is a multiple-black belt martial artist and past police defensive tactics trainer
  • Pro-Action kit provided to parents that includes:
      • Written information about bullies and bullying
  • Form letters to schools and school boards to put them on notice if bullying continues
  • How a parent, OR THEIR CHILD, can perform a citizen’s arrest of a bully as a last resort    

10-Hour/5-week course is $150

Ongoing training is $100 per month if completed 10-hour course

$120 per month if did not take 10-hour course


*Replaces punches with slaps (just as effective for kids)