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Weapon Retention Class

Have you thought about the best way to protect your gun? What have you done to learn the basics of weapon retention? These guys don’t run away. They walk. They pack up their stuff and simply walk away. That goes to show you how experienced with violence many criminals are. When it comes to fighting, criminals typically […]

Adult Bully

Characteristics of Adult Bully Targets

Adult bullies target their victims in many of the same way children who bully do. While many people think that bullying only occurs among children, it can also happen in the workplace among adults.  No matter what the age of a bully, they are opportunistic and tend to prey on people they perceive as a […]

cyber bullying

Cyber Bullying VS Traditional Bullying

Bullying has long been a problem in school but was usually confined to the school yard or the hallway. Now, technology makes bullying even easier than it was before. With email, chat rooms, and an unlimited audience online there are countless ways bullies find their prey. There was a time when all bullying happened face […]

Harassment and Adult Bullying

Harassment and Adult Bullying

What are the Differences? Harassment and adult bullying in the workplace are not the same thing. The bullying occurs more often than people think. Some are not even aware that it occurs at all. Many people think bullying in the workplace is the same as harassment. While they are similar, there are differences between bullying […]

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How to Help a Bullying Victim – Tips for Teachers

Bullying is all too common in schools today. It is also a problem that should not be taken lightly; bullying can have serious consequences. Children bully for many reasons and sometimes it resolves itself. However, other times permanent damage can be done to bullying victims. Because of the possibility of physical and emotional injury, all […]

Misconceptions about Bullying

Common Misconceptions About Bullying

There are many common misconceptions about bullying. Thinking that bullying is a normal part of childhood and the victims should just toughen up is perhaps the most stereotypical view of bullying. In addition, it’s the biggest bullying misconception. Thinking this way can have serious consequences for both victims and bullies. Bullying should not be tolerated. […]