Bully Self-Defense Course

Lesson 1

  1. Provide parents with bully information
    1. At least one parent must attend the first class
  2. Explain mental strength – no one person is tougher – it’s mental
  3. Explain about one superior technique – show solar plexus punch
  4. Show fighting stance
  5. Outline entire course
  6. Explain the difference between assault and battery
  7. Explain three elements needed to attack first

Lesson 2

 Avoidance techniques

Lesson 3

Same as Lesson 2 plus solar plexus punch

Lesson 4

Same as Lesson 3 plus add a knee to thigh strikes

Lesson 5

Show shin kicks to thighs

Lesson 6

  1. Show pop-up to clinch
  2. Show pop-up to knee and shin kicks to the thigh
  3. Show run-through

Lesson 7

  1. Show tri-ceps clamp
  2. Show LATCH technique
  3. Show transitions from both to twist locks
  4. Show twist locks from a distance

Lesson 8

Review Lesson 7 techniques

Lesson 9

Show takedowns from clamp and LATCH

Lesson 10

Show high and low wedge from clamp and LATCH

Lesson 11

Show ground techniques

Lesson 12

Review of Lessons 2 through 11 – 1.5 hour class