self defense moves


Self-defense training available in Foresthill/Todd Valley

10 Classes available at NO CHARGE for the month of June!

Self-defense training open to women 18 and over

The course includes hands-on physical training exercises. Please consider your level of physical fitness and ability before enrolling.

Wear comfortable clothes suitable for physical activity, such as gym or workout attire. Mat socks are provided.

  • Realistic techniques based on kickboxing, ju-jitsu, ground fighting, and street combatives
  • Ongoing training available – two 1.5-hour classes per week
  • Learn how to defeat an attacker in seconds
  • Training done on padded mats with appropriate protective equipment


First Class

  1. Fill out paperwork
  2. Explanation of the difference between defending against a woman versus fighting off a man
  3. Show the suddenness and brutality of a male attack
  4. Specify the three main targets:
    1. nose
    2. solar plexus
    3. groin
  5. Explain Hick’s Law: The more stimuli (or choices) users face, the longer it will take them to make a decision
  6. Demonstrate and practice the best strikes for the three main targets:
    • Palm heel strike to the nose
    • Head butt to nose
    • Elbow strike and elbow spear to solar plexus
    • Front and rear foot kicks to the groin
    • Knee strike to the groin
    • Optional: If target presents itself:  horizontal elbow strike to temple, jaw, or side of the head


Ongoing training is $80 per month