teen boys self-defense

Learn to protect and defend yourself from aggressive kids at school or anywhere else. We’ll teach you kickboxing techniques, control holds and ground fighting techniques. Consequently you will not be brought to the ground, you’ll know how to defend yourself, and you have self-confidence like you’ve never had before!

Click here for  form letters to communicate to your child’s school and the school district that your child is being subjected to bullying (teasing, taunting, etc.) or outright assault and battery at the hands of another student.

  • A 6-week course to become bully-proof (5 weeks, two 1-hour classes per week)
  • A parent must attend the first class
  • Jeetsu self-defense system created specifically for boys from 13 to 17
  • Based on kickboxing*, ju-jitsu, and ground fighting
  • No injury-causing techniques like punches, elbow strikes, chokes, or groin strikes
  • Ongoing training available to further increase skills
  • All training done on padded mats using appropriate protective gear
  • The instructor is a multiple-black belt martial artist and past police defensive tactics trainer
  • Pro-Action kit provided to parents that include:
    • Written information about bullies and bullying
    • Form letters to schools and school boards to put them on notice if the bullying continues
    • How a parent, OR THEIR CHILD, can perform a citizen’s arrest of a bully as a last resort